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Published on January 24th, 2014 | by admin

Are You Interested in a Career as a Security Guard? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

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Did you know that one of the earliest recorded examples of private security forces being utilized dates back to the thirteenth century BCE? If have a brick and mortar business, then you will probably need to think about some form of security. For most small businesses and companies, a simple lock and perhaps a security camera is enough to make sure that the store is safe. For bigger companies however, security alarm companies and security guard agencies usually need to be hired. Not only do these added measures ensure that the goods your company sells are safe, but it also mean that you do not need to worry about the safety of your employees. If you need to hire a security services company for your business, here are a few important facts you need to know first.

To begin with, the definition of a security officer, or security guard as they are sometimes referred to, is a person who is paid to protect property, assets, or people. Though some people who are employeed by security alarm companies do not take security guard courses, this is usually because they have some kind of previous experience that makes them unnecessary. For instanced, a lot of retired police officers, armed service people, and even federal agents get jobs as security guards with the bigger companies in the country. Although security officers differ greatly from police officers, military personnel, federal agents or officers, and the like, Australia and the United States have a growing proportion of security personnel that have former police or military experience, including senior management personnel.

Security officers are generally uniformed and act to protect property. They do this by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions. The theory behind this is that a potential thief will choose a place that provides a lower risk of being caught. The security guards also observe, either directly, through patrols, or by watching alarm systems or video cameras, for signs of crime, fire, or disorder. If they have seen something particularly dangerous, they respond taking action and reporting any incidents to their client and emergency services as appropriate.

Though the requirements for becoming employed as a security guard through security alarm companies varied greatly depending on where they are based, Australia has some interesting rules about these proceedings. For instance, any person who conducts a business or is employed in a security related field within Australia is required to be licensed.

No matter where you live, if you have the background that would provide an advantage in this field, you should look into a new career. Whether you are looking for a second career after retiring, or you are just looking for a change in pace, there are plenty of security agencies who would more than likely be happy to give you a chance to make a difference.
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