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Published on February 28th, 2011 | by admin

Company iPhone Management

When it comes to the prospect of issuing devices as complex and expensive as iPhones to company employees, the day to day iPhone management of each unit can initially seem like a headache. However, with a diligent network administrator and the right software, iPhone management can become a rather simple task on most days. However, as with any large new project, you should always look into which iPhone management solutions are best for you and your situation before jumping into anything hastily.

First, make sure that you have an iPhone management software program installed that is not only well reviewed and reliable on its own, but is well suited to such everyday tasks as assigning, reassigning, and deactivating individual handsets as needed. Such an iPhone management software program should also offer a way to track the usage of talk, text, and mobile web on each handset in real time, as well. This makes it easier to see if and when an employee is abusing the privileges of a company phone, and also makes it easier to see if certain employees might need a more comprehensive data or talk plan in order to properly serve their job functions. And of course, any iPhone management software worth its salt should also include a way to easily see the average number of minutes used and when over a certain period of time. This function can help you to negotiate better rates for your company situation in the future. Finally, you should also install an automatic patch management software program on each iPhone handset you distribute. The power and versatility of these phones are amazing, but they can be hacked just like a regular computer. Do not let your company fall victim to this preventable problem!

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