Atlanta tours

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Discover the Enchantment of Atlanta!

Atlanta tours

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most famous of all southern cities. When the Georgia General Assembly decided to build the Western and Atlantic railroad back in 1836, the city of Atlanta had taken root. Although Atlanta only had about 30 residents in 1842, the city population had grown to over 9,500 by 1860. During the American Civil War, Atlanta played a crucial role as a supply conduit for the Confederacy.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city of Atlanta had a population of 443,000 citizens during 2012. With a metro population of more than 5.4 million, the Atlanta metropolitan area is the ninth largest metro area in the United States. Given the city’s rich history and diverse cultural atmosphere, Atlanta tours are a must among the millions of people who visit Atlanta every year.

Among Atlanta’s 240-plus neighborhoods are three “high-rise” districts, which run along Peachtree Street, downtown Atlanta, midtown, and in the Buckhead district. Peachtree St. is Atlanta’s main street, and is rife with museums, shops, restaurants, and shopping. In contrast, Buckhead is a mecca of high rise office buildings, businesses, and urban condominiums. Although these stops offer a variety of intriguing attractions and unique Atlanta events, many people who visit Atlanta do so for its rich history.

As mentioned above, Atlanta played a crucial role during the Civil War, despite the fact that the Union was, ultimately, victorious. Given the importance of railroads and transportation during times of war, several major Civil War battles were fought in the vicinity of Atlanta. The most critical of these clashes was the bloody Battle of Atlanta, which lasted for four months, and ended on September 1, 1864, when the Confederate army decided to retreat.

While much of Atlanta was destroyed during the many Civil War battles that occurred in and around the city, its rebuilding has resulted in a bigger and better Atlanta. Today, Atlanta’s economy generates more than 300 billion dollars per year, which makes it the eighth largest economy in the United States. Of course, much of Atlanta’s economic robustness can be attributed to the 35 million visitors who tour Atlanta each year.

Atlanta is one of the South’s most beautiful and historic cities. It offers everything one might expect from a major cosmopolitan area. From the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, Atlanta’s rich history and culture offers a lot of something for every one.

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