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Precise Biometrics is an innovative company offering technology and expertise for easy, secure, and accurate authentication using smart cards and fingerprint recognition. Founded in 1997, Precise Biometrics today has solutions used by U.S. government agencies, national ID card programs, global enterprises, and other organizations requiring multi factor strong authentication. The company is headquartered in Sweden and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm small cap list. Precise Biometrics Inc., its U.S. subsidiary, is based in Vienna, VA.

Many governments and agencies already rely on Precise Biometrics’ technology for their national ID programs, mobile device security, and desktop logical access. Their mobile device security solutions extend authentication for new applications in the field giving mobile employees, law enforcement, and military personnel convenient and secure mobile device security Biometric authentication. Precise Match on Card has been deployed globally in major national ID programs including Thailand, Portugal, and Qatar.

The addition of biometrics to a national ID card program greatly increases mobile device security and reduces fraud, thereby saving money and ensuring that citizens receive the benefits to which they are entitled. By storing and matching the fingerprint template on the card like nationals ID cards, the biometric not only acts as a PIN replacement, but also creates a proven identity.

To ensure the success of every national ID card rollout using Precise Match on Card, Precise Biometrics work closely with their partners to develop and integrate fingerprint recognition solutions that are easy to use, fast and reliable. This also helps aid in mobile device security as well. Their partners are located all over the world and include both global and local smart card and chip manufacturers, systems integrators, and solutions, application and hardware providers for Biometric authentication.

The vision of Precise Biometrics is to be the world leading provider of secure sign on authentication and access, leveraging smart card and biometrics for multi factor authentication optimized for desktop, mobile, and embedded consumer platforms. Striving to lend help to those who need mobile device security is an important part of who Precise Biometrics is. You can find out more about Precise Biometrics and what they have to offer in the field of mobile device security and national ID cards you can browse their website to find out more about the products and services they offer. Check out Biometric authentication products and services like fingerprint scanners and national ID cards.

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