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Published on March 15th, 2011 | by admin

Plastic Injection Molders

It takes a certain kind of expertise to come up with designs for the products that we use today. Plastic products that we use today must be made in molds. It involves the plastic extrusion process of molten plastic being poured into and pressed into various molds. These modes are created by plastic injection molders.
Plastic injection molders are at work every day making all kinds of products that we use nowadays. Almost any product that you have from your cell phone to your car has parts on it that have been made by plastic injection molders. These are the invisible people that helped provide the public with of the products that they are demanding. Plastic injection molders are engaged in very demanding work and often work a 9 to 10 hour workday.

The people that become these molders have had to go to school for two years to learn their trade. Type a school that they have to go to to has to be a technical school. After they have gone to school for two years and they need to be hired as an apprentice. They are usually required to stay in their apprenticeship for four years. As you can see plastic injection molders need a lot of training and experience before they can begin their career.

There are are all kinds of intricate designs that go into the design of plastic products. First plastic injection mold designers must first come up with a blueprint. Then the plastic injection molders get the blueprint from the designer. After the plastic injection molders get the blueprint they must meet with the designer and collaborate on how to make their design a reality. Then the plastic injection molders meet together with machinists and begin to fabricate the designs that are needed for the molds. Plastic injection molders can then help in the process of making the molds out of steel. All of this work and more must be done before plastic injection molders can come up with the finished product.

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