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Pressure Assisted Toilets

Walk in tubs

Queen Elizabeth I had an ancestor of the modern flushing toilet installed in the Richmond Palace in 1600. However, the Queen refused to use the toilet, saying it made too much noise. Today, the modern toilet comes in various versions, such as pressure assisted toilets. Pressure assisted toilets are often used for commercial reasons, but they are becoming popular for residential purposes as well. Water saving toilets can help people save up to 100 dollars a year on water for an average family. If you’re looking for commercial toilets, there are plenty of options to consider on the web. Surprisingly there are 2.5 billion people around the world without access to modern toilets or safe sanitation.

Furthermore, there are about 1 billion people who still defecate in the open. There is a bathroom themed restaurant chain in Taiwan, which involves diners sitting on non working toilets. Food and drinks are served on miniature toilets, bathtubs, and even urinals. The modern bathroom known as the Jack and Jill bathroom can be accessed from two different bedrooms Companies that sell pressure assisted toilets usually offer walk in bath tubs for sale as well. Reading reviews about pressure assisted toilets is recommended if you’re looking for the best water saving toilet available on the market.

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