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Published on September 28th, 2011 | by admin

Weight Loss Competitions Are The Latest Craze On Television, As Well As In Workplaces

A workplace weight loss competition is a tool that has seen considerable use in the recent few years, especially with the popularity of reality television shows that have popularized the same concept. With a workplace weight loss competition, something that is typically regarded as stressful and undesirable can be turned into an activity that is fun to engage in and that requires the teamwork of employees if it is to be successful. Workplace weight loss competitions are a great way for businesses to give their employees the freedom to better themselves without feeling singled out, while reducing their expenses at the same time.

By implementing a workplace weight loss competition, businesses show that they have interests in the well being of their employees, and that they are smart about reducing expenses as well. Workplace weight loss competitions are the few available management tools that are as enjoyable for participants as they are beneficial for managers. The activities engaged in during a workplace weight loss competition can vary, ranging from planned lunches, to exercise breaks during the day. In addition, a number of different incentives can be presented to workers in order to influence their decision to participate in such programs. Whether it is just for fun, or for a real bonus, workplace weight loss competition is a method for gettingf employees that may have been neglecting their health to show interest in their fitness. Such benefits will help them to feel better about themselves, increase their productivity, reduce the amount of sick days they will require, and increase their overall mood. In addition, the activities included in a workplace weight loss competition can help employees to develop their teamwork and learn how to rely on each other to reach a certain goal.

Statistically, workplace weight loss competitions have shown a decrease in the health benefits required by a company. This is because healthier employees, and those that engage in activities that benefit their health, are less likely to develop illnesses and conditions that are so common in today’s obese workplaces. These savings can have huge impacts on a business’ ability to allocate their resources to other places, and can reduce pressure from insurance companies and other legal groups. The changes to physical health seen with workplace weight loss competition are also known to reduce incidents of workplace injury that result from clumsiness, lack of endurance, or lack of strength, also reducing the need for workers compensation benefits that can also add up for a business.

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