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Published on November 22nd, 2013 | by admin

Why is Online Marketing So Important?

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In the current business climate, few marketplaces have the staying power of the internet. As such, many companies employ internet marketing consulting services or rely on business marketing companies to help make a difference and influence sales. Every day, businesses are looking for the best marketing programs to beat the competition, and it truly matters what services each company chooses.

Each individual internet marketing program has their own online marketing tips and tricks that allow them to help their clients. As 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, the best programs tinker with search engine results pages to help their clients appear higher up on search engine results pages. This makes a huge difference.

However, marketing companies apply their online marketing tips and tricks across all platforms of internet marketing, including website design and creation, SEO, social media marketing and mobile website optimization. Interestingly, SEO is rated as the most effective lead generation tactic, as 34 percent of marketers consider it to be “very effective.”

A whopping 90 percent of companies use some sort of social media marketing, but only an eighth of them measure the revenue impact directly from social media. There are things that can make a difference in directing more viewers and visitors to social media sites, however. With that said, visual marketing techniques like infographics and videos are becoming more popular, especially when used in conjunction with social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Even email marketing makes a difference in online marketing. Email marketing brought in over $40 for every dollar spent in 2011, beating out catalogs, searches, internet display advertising and mobile advertising revenues. At the end of the day, the marketing plan a business chooses makes a difference in influencing sales and helping companies gain the recognition among the public. Check out this site for more:

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